The Board of Advisors provides guidance to PAACH staff regarding PAACH’s mission, priorities, programs, and practices; helps publicize PAACH events and services in the community; and acts as a conduit to the PAACH for significant community opinions and developments.


Dr. Ann Tiao
Lecturer, Graduate School of Education
University of Pennsylvania

I have been teaching at Penn GSE for over 11 years and recently taught Diversity in Higher Education and Contemporary Issues in Higher Education. Over my career, I have worked in numerous fields including high tech, engineering, statistics, and higher education.  Currently, I’m the Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Education in the College of Education at Rowan University in South Jersey.  As a second generation Asian American, I have studied and researched issues concerning AAPIs in higher education.   Students affiliated with PAACH really helped me while I was gathering data for my dissertation.  I’m delighted to have an opportunity to give back to PAACH and to support its mission by joining the Advisory Board. 

Deven Patel

Deven M. Patel, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor, South Asia Studies
University of Pennsylvania

As a professor of South Asia Studies who works on South Asian cultures in history, I am also committed to forging links with contemporary South Asians and contemporary South Asian-Americans with my work.  I have also taught Asian history and religion (covering the cultures of China, Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia) and so I have a deep interest in working with students whose heritage is linked with these places. I hope to serve PAACH by providing support to students and alumni in terms of an academic perspective to Asian cultures’ connections with contemporary America.  

Rashmi Kumar Rashmi Kumar, Ed.D.
STEM Learning Instructor
Weingarten Learning Resources Center
Lecturer, Graduate School of Education
University of Pennsylvania

I specialize in STEM Learning and research learning environments anchored in emerging technologies. Currently, I am working on identifying the tools, technologies, and strategies that generate measurable impact in different fields of science, technology, and engineering across individual learning styles.

I am excited to join the advisory board of PAACH and hope to further its organizational goals by solidifying participation and success of Asian American students, particularly in STEM fields; supporting group initiatives with Penn colleagues and external networks; and raising attention to the contributions and efforts of PAACH. 

Oh-Eugena-IHDF-Portrait_resize_resize.jpg Eugena Oh, C’03
Interim Executive Director
“I Have A Dream” Foundation

Eugena joined the “I Have A Dream” Foundation (IHDF) in November 2011 and currently serves as Interim Executive Director. IHDF’s mission is to provide long-term support to help children living in under-resourced communities achieve their full potential by promoting personal empowerment, postsecondary success, and financial support for postsecondary education. Eugena also serves as IHDF’s Legal Counsel. Prior to joining “I Have A Dream,” Eugena practiced commercial and products liability law, and served in development, strategy, and operations roles within several non-profit organizations, including Teach For America – New York City, Rock The Vote, and Washington State Court Appointed Special Advocates.

Eugena received her B.A. in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania, and her J.D. from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Outside of work, Eugena serves as a Board Member of the Korean American League for Civic Action (KALCA), and is an active alumna of the University of Pennsylvania, serving on the Board of Advisers for PAACH (Pan-Asian American Community House) and on the alumni applicant interview committee.

Virgilio Aquino Virgilio Aquino, CFA, C’07, WG’12
Assistant Investment Manager
North American Equities
Aberdeen Asset Management

I have been deeply enmeshed within the PAACH community through various capacities for a good part of 10 years ever since arriving on campus as a freshman in 2003 and retur
ning again in 2010 as a graduate student.  As an undergraduate, I frequented PAACH for the amalgam of resources they provided, which included not only the basic academic necessities, but also the venue for mingling with other APAs on campus, and more importantly, for receiving parental-like guidance from Kusum while away from home.  My interest in participating on the PAACH Board stems from my commitment to further its mission–that PAACH not only continue to provide the same resources I enjoyed as a young college student, but to also become a more prominent contributor to the broader network of resources that Penn offers to all constituents of the University’s community.

Natasha Menon

Natasha Menon C’20

I am a freshman studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics in the College of Arts & Sciences. I was introduced to PAACH through the Asian Pacific American Leadership Initiative and the South Asian community on campus. I am incredibly excited to delve deeper into the PAACH community, and I view my role on the Board of Advisors as the best way to achieve that goal. I look forward to helping PAACH grow throughout my four years at Penn and giving back to a community that has been so welcoming and supportive.


Juliann Zheng C’19

I’m a Junior in Wharton studying Operations & Marketing and OIDD. Ever since coming to Penn, I have received love and support from the PAACH community. I’ve been introduced to so many amazing people and organizations through PAACH and I see PAACH as a place to help me understand my API identity, a safe space, somewhere to meet new people, and last but not least, a home. Along with all the amazing people on board, I hope to help PAACH continue to grow and bring to others the same comfort that PAACH has given me.


Michael Mariano, W’00, MUSA’09

Senior Economist & Director of Geospatial Analytics Oxford Economics / Tourism Economics                                                     

I was a member of the original student coalition that helped start PAACH in 2000 and served on the PAACH Advisory Board as a grad student in 2007.  I am serving on the current Board of Advisors because I believe it is a pivotal and exciting time for PAACH and hope that the Board of Advisors can help bring PAACH to whole new levels.  I hope to be able to draw upon my past experience with non-profits, past involvement with Upenn (as an undergrad, grad student, and as an alum working on alumni programming & fundraising), professional experience, and alumni networking to bring a unique perspective to the Board of Advisors.


Tanya Jain C’2020

Tanya Jain is a rising senior in the College of Arts and Sciences at Penn, majoring in Health & Societies with a concentration in Gender & Health. She is currently the Chair of the Penn Association for Gender Equity (PAGE), the umbrella organization on campus for all student groups whose missions pertain to women’s or gender issues. As Chair, she works with other minority coalitions and brings the needs of women on campus to administrative meetings. Her favorite thing about PAGE is its activist programming and community building events on topics from colorism to immigration. She co-founded and is co-chair of the Radical South Asian Collective, an activist group aimed at creating an inclusive and intersectional space for South Asians to be engaged in community issues. She is also a volunteer at the Refugee Clinic at Penn Presbyterian through Service Link where she works with recent refugees in the Philadelphia community to ensure their access to healthcare after their refugee insurance is terminated. And she loves PAACH!


Min Derry 

Learning Instructor, Weingarten Learning Resources Center

Min Derry is a graduate from the School District of Philadelphia. She was born in South Korea, spent her entire childhood in Brazil, and completed high school in Philadelphia as an ESOL student and immigrant. She is presently a doctoral candidate in the Reading, Writing and Literacy Program of the Literacy, Culture and International Education Division at Penn’s Graduate School of Education. Her research interests include critical literacy, practitioner research, culturally responsive pedagogy and intersectional research methodology. She has served as teaching assistant for the GSE courses: Multicultural Issues in EducationAdvanced Fieldwork Seminar: Practitioner Research, and Assessing Language and Learning Differences. For her research fellowship, she serves as a Learning Fellow at the Office of Learning Resources of the Weingarten Learning Resources Center. As Learning Instructor, she works collaboratively and in co-inquiry with Penn students, including undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral, professional and executive students. She provides individualized, in-person and online walk-in sessions, consultations, and facilitates a variety of academic wellness workshops across disciplines. Min is a parent to two young children.


Shaina Zafar C’2021

Shaina Zafar is a rising junior at Penn, majoring in International Relations with a minor in Consumer Psychology. On campus, she is a part of the Turner Society for Social Impact and the Muslim Students Association. With a deep interest in social impact and youth empowerment, she serves as the Chief Product Officer for JUV Consulting, a Generation Z marketing consultancy that is fully operated by teenagers and based in New York. At the end of every year, she makes a Spotify playlist with only 365 songs and in her free time, you can probably find her cooking eggs at odd hours of the night.