Asian Pacific American Leadership Initiative | Spring 2013

Facilitators: Darryle Ulama & Nishat Shahabuddin

Session 1 | Business, Academia, and Politics

Topics: Affirmative Action, Bamboo Ceiling, Model Minority, Stereotypes
1. Asian Americans Seize Political Spotlight in 2012 Presidential Campaign | Joie Chen
2. Is there a “bamboo ceiling” at US companies? | Anne Fisher
3. Pennsylvania father abamdons 16-year-old daughter over bad math grade
4. Room for Debate – Beyond Race in Affirmative Action
5. 2011 CARE Report Summary

Session 2 | Cultural Norms

Topics: Intergenerational Issues, Gender, Sexuality, Interracial Dating, Mental Health
1. Asian American girls have highest rates of depression; NAMI Releases Report

Session 3 | In the Media

Topics: White Privilege, China Doll, Political Correctness, Stereotypes
1. What is white privilege? | Mary Mitchell
2. Elle lightens Bollywood star’s skin
3. Why Most Mass Murderers Are Privileged White Men | Hugo Schwyer
4. Asian Americans: Why Can’t We Get Cast in NYC? | Randy Gener
5. Please submit all ethnicities | Nina Shen Rastogi

Session 4 | Discrimination and Hate Crimes

Topics: Perpetual Foreigner, Microaggressions, Vincent Chin
1. My Take: Sikh temple shooting is act of terrorism | Arsalan Iftikhar
2. At Internment Camp, Exploring Choices of the Past | Norimitsu Onishi

Session 5 | Multiculturalism

Topics: Coalition Building, Minority Ties, Asian American Identity, Salad Bowl
1. Pew Research Center: The Rise of Asian Americans
2. Racism Taints the University | Christopher Abreu
3. Racial slurs in Daily reveal racism at Iowa State

Other Resources

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